Internationaal Programma 2012

42e UN - International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

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(deze lijst is gebaseerd op de allereerste Wereld Gehandicapten Dag in Nederland)

Thema: Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all

The Executive Secretariat and the Staff Union of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) invite its staff in Santiago (Chile) for a concert by the Orchestra of the School Santa Lucia, composed of young blind musicians from the Fundación Luz and a welcome address on the theme of the Day by ECLAC’s Deputy Executive Secretary. Activities at ECLAC include a week-long art exhibition by young artists from Fundación Luz. The key message of the commemorative events is that full inclusion of functional diversity opens the door to fully enjoy the contributions made by different capacities. (

OHCHR is organising a series of Google+ Hangout sessions under the theme” “Make Your Voice Count”. The second Google+ Hangout “Make Your #VoiceCount” Hangout series focused on inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. The Google+ Hangout series culminates on Human Rights Day with a live video discussion with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on this year’s Human Rights Day theme — ‘Inclusion and the right to participate in public life’ — scheduled to take place at 15:30 CET on 10 December. Join us to make your #VoiceCount for human rights: (

UNIC Moscow
UNIC Moscow, in partnership with RIA-Novosti News Agency and W3C (International Web Consortium) office in Russia, will organize a presentation of the authorized Russian translation of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0. WCAG 2.0 in Russian will be presented at a media briefing at RIA-Novosti press centre. The translation project – a joint effort initiated by the UNIC Moscow and supported by the UN Coordination Office in the Russian Federation – is intended to facilitate the use of this important international standard by web designers in Russia. On 4 December, also as part of the observance of the Day, the UNIC Moscow will organize a special thematic event “My Voice Counts.” The party will bring together representatives of Government organizations, advocacy and human rights groups, international organizations and journalists. The central element of the soirée will be the opening of an exhibition of photographs – winners of the national competition “Without Barriers,” organized by the Russian Society of the Disabled and the Union of Photography Artists of Russia.

UNIC Dar es Salaam
The Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda launched the Day nationally in Musoma Mara region in North Western Tanzania. The theme for this year’s event is “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” which translates into Kiswahili to mean, “Ondosha vikwazo ili kujenga jamii jumuishi inayofikika kwa wote.” The Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organization (SHIVYAWATA) will bring together National Disability Organizations which represent different types of disabilities to commemorate the Day. (

UNIC Tashkent
To commemorate the Day, the UN Information Center (UNIC) in Tashkent, prepared a video: “Why it matter to UN”, that included representatives of several UN agencies and representatives of national NGOs who discussed the importance of the UN disability agenda. (

To commemorate the Day, the Director-General of UNESCO will issue an official statement. UNESCO will launch an online community on disability issues and the first findings of the world report on the use of ICTs to access information and knowledge for persons with disabilities, as well as a report entitled “Accessible ICTs and Personalized Learning for Students with Disabilities” in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese (

To commemorate the Day, UNICEF will launch a Disability Orientation campaign for its global staff via an awareness-raising policy video and related questionnaire.


The British Paraorchestra ‘True Colors’ featuring Paralympics GB athletes and The Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children. (Proceeds from sales of the British Paraorchestra’s ‘True Colors’ will go towards supporting the ParalympicsGB team at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, to enable The Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf & Hearing Children set up a new Saturday Signing Choir and to fund their next signed song DVD, and for the future growth and development of The British Paraorchestra.) (

Think big. Overcome barriers: As part of the EU co-funded project “Making development inclusive”, AIFO, Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau, has developed a short animated video on this year’s theme for the celebration of the international day of persons with disabilities 2012. The title is “Think big. Overcome barriers”. (; Italian version:

CBM and partners will be celebrating the Day around the world:

Mobility International USA will release a new video” “Creating a World As It Should Be ®: The Power of Disabled Women Activists” that documents the power of disabled women activists in their quest to be included in international development programs. Sharing strategies across borders, this powerful, uplifting and invigorating documentary portrays activists who are paving the way for women and girls in their own countries to achieve their human rights. The video will be available for free in English, Spanish and Arabic on YouTube at

The Zero Project Report 2013, with its special focus on employment and persons with disabilities, will be launched at the Vienna International Film Festival for Human Rights. At the launch, some of the most striking findings and figures of this year’s research, innovative practices as well as innovative policies from all around the world will be presented. Afterwards the award-winning Korean movie “Planet of snail” will be shown (see The Report, published annually by the Essl Foundation, has been produced this year in collaboration with the World Future Council, Disabled Peoples’ International and the International Institute for Advanced Studies. (

Special Olympics: Share Your Vision: In preparation for the Global Development Summit and in observance of the Day, Special Olympics encourages discussions about equality and inclusion and is calling on people around the world to define what “equality” means to them.  (

National and local commemorations

1. Peaceful marches to help realize the rights of persons with disabilities will be held in Buenos Aires on 3 December at 9 a.m. (en la calle 25 de mayo y Mitre) and on 5 December at 9:30 a.m. (Terminal de micros de Retiro, en el nivel de boletaría, en la puerta del Banco Ciudad (altura boletaría 1). (;
2. The Microemprendimientos Solidarity Association’s Discapanch Pancheria will have an event in the hall of the train station of the Retiro Mitre line where persons with disabilities can register for business and work (Pro-Empleos para Personas con Discapacidades – Asociación Microemprendimientos Solidarios). MS Association will also conduct its “Sistema de Asesoramiento Integral y Gratuito” for those who wish to employ persons with disabilities thus fulfilling CSR and receiving tax benefits. (;;;
3. The Centro Edicativo _Terapuetico Crianza in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, will conduct several awareness-raising activities to commemorate the Day, including a photo competition on the rights of persons with disabilities, a “Spot the differences” in some store windows in the city (example: a clothing store mannequin sitting in a wheelchair), and a film series discussion. (;

1. The Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC) will conduct an exhibition “Removing Barriers: Creating New Futures for All” at the University of Sydney as part of the ‘Creating New Futures for All: Children, Youth, Disability and Situations of Forced Migration’ conference. The conference is being organised in line with the goals of UNICEF’s Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities and Development, ESCAP’s Make the Right Real and One Billion Strong’s goal of encouraging true implementation of the  Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  It will bring together leading academics and organisations that specialise in children’s rights, refugee protection and disability. (
2. The Disability Services Commissioner will be hosting a gala film event showcasing the best short films from the 2012 Other Film Festival ( Short films made by, with and about people with a disability. The event will feature live entertainment from a local singer/songwriter who lives with a disability. All speeches will be Auslan interpreted, all films will be audio described and captioned and the venue is fully accessible.

The Austrian Premiere of the award-winning documentary “Body and Soul”  ( will take place on 2 December in Vienna, followed by a discussion with the three main characters of the film and the film director. The cinema is accessible and an audio-description of the film as well as sign language interpretation of the discussion will be available. This event is part of the Austrian Human Rights Festival entitled: “This Human World” ( On the 30 November, dancers with and without disabilities are invited to take part in an inclusive contact improvisation workshop with the three main characters of the film. (

Awareness-raising ctivities will be conducted throughout the State of São Paulo from 1 – 3 December, including the city of São Paulo, the countryside and the seashore cities, in places with full physical and communication accessibility. The Third Edition of “Virada Inclusiva” is expected to reach 120 partners, 80 different cities, and more than 800 events will take place simultaneously during the three days of celebrations. (

Belgium (European Parliament event)
To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities as well as the Human Rights Day, CBM and Human Rights Watch will conduct a panel discussion on the “Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities in Developing Countries” on 4 December from 18h-20h at the European Parliament, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, room P7C050. The panel aims to inform the future work of key international and EU actors on best practices and main obstacle related to the issue of political participation of persons with disabilities in developing countries. (Luisa Fenu  )

1. In Fort Saskatchewan, an event will be held at Pioneer House Club 50, 10102 – 100 Avenue that will include the reading of a proclamation by the Mayor. Local recognition awards will be presented, along with opportunities to greet and meet with the Ft. Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Northeast  Regional Disability Specialists, and local disability support and service organizations. Next Step Senior High will conduct disability-awareness activities and develop disability-awareness posters. (
2. The Perth County (Ontario) Accessibility Advisory Committee will conduct the 2nd Annual Canadian Amputee Hockey Challenge at the Perth East Recreation Complex in Milverton, Ontario in celebration of the Day. The event will also include a free skate from 7-7:30 p.m. (
3. In Vancouver, the events for the Day will include fun activities for families, film screenings, obstacle courses to go through using guide dogs and/or wheelchairs and assistive devices, adaptive sports, and performances featuring talent from the local disability community. An acclaimed filmmaker will also provide the keynote address. (
4. Vancouver Island University’s Disability Services is hosting a community event at the university in Nanaimo, British Columbia. A variety of community organizations, representing different disabilities will participate and provide education and information to students, staff and community members. The event includes exhibit booths, info stalls, art work and other festivities. (

Czech Republic
Svetlo Pro Svet will organise an event with high school students in Prague. The day will start off with a screening of the documentary ”Body and Soul” ( and a discussion with the characters and the film director. Participants will then be invited to take part in an inclusive dance workshop, bringing together dancers with and without disabilities, the actors of the film and the high school students.

The Alkasr Elaeiny Medical School in Egypt through the Students’ Scientific Society (SSS) of IFMSA will commemorate the Day for the first time at their College. Activities will include a gallery of famous persons with disabilities, a workshop and a fair. (

In Tallinin, Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing NoOR, an NGO for youth with disabilities, will organize a programme “Invert to Alert” in Viru Keskus from 6 to 7 p.m. on the Day, which includes “inverting the Mall to a disability friendly environment” to generate greater awareness towards persons with disabilities. The initiative includes volunteers dressed in red who will conduct awarenesss-raising activities, as well as promote accessible communication (

Faroe Islands – Tórshavn
The Ministry of Social Affairs, The Council on Disability Awareness and the Disabled Peoples Organisation (NGO) will hold an event at the Nordic House. The Danish Paralympic rider, Annika Lykke Dalskov, winner of four medals at the London 2012 games, will be the keynote speaker. The programme will also include presentations by persons with disabilities and Faroese music. ( or

Students from the UK will travel to Gambia to mark World Disability Day with the disabled children and wider community of Gunjur. The students will be presenting “Same As Us” in which they talk about their experience of being disabled and their aspirations for disabled young people around the world. The event will be attended by the Chief of Kombo South, His Excellency The High Commissioner for the UK and the Elders of the village as well as many members of the community, including many young people with disabilities and their families. Working with local partners, TARUD, the aim is to raise the profile of the Rights of disabled young people in The Gambia and give momentum to the Gunjur Inclusion Project. (

A person in a wheelchair, advocating for Article 9 of CRPD, and protesting the lack of access to public places, has developed project RAMP “Respect and Accept the Movement of all People”. To promote an awareness of the issue, he will be producing 1000 stickers of the project and distributing them in his locality on 3 December. (

1. Inter University Centre for Disability Studies at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, plans to conduct a Disability Survey in connection with the Day at all its affiliated colleges. The survey will focus on accessibility and related issues faced by students with disabilities. (
2. An event will be held at the National Institute of Technology (Calicut) for school children entitled” “Role of technology in improving the quality life of people with disabilities”. (
3. An international Conference on Disability Equality and Accessibility will be organized Choice International with a view to provide an environment for innovation and creativity and exchange of experiences, to initiate change in disability equality and accessibility in India. The event would also provide a platform to share best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. (

The Museum of the Asian-African Conference in cooperation with Mata Hati Indonesia, West Java Province authorities, Friends of the Museum of the Asian-African Conference, LayarKita community, Asian African Reading Club, POSS UPI, Kabuyutan and Bengkel Kreasi GaPaT communities will commemorate the Day with an event at the Museum of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung, West Java. Several events will be held during the month of December and include writing competitions, a photo exhibition, seminars, film screenings etc. (

1. The Center for Independent Living in Ireland will conduct leaders forums around the country to commemorate the Day. At the Menlo Park Hotel Galway, the Center will organize the Galway Leader Forum Fashion Show where members from all other forums will participate at the event on 3 December. The Leader Forum is a collective of persons with disabilities with common goals or experiences who meet to share experiences, take action to lobby for changes in laws or educating the public about social conditions. (;
2. Kanchi, launched its list of the Top Ten Actions for Inclusive Business on 3 November to begin the countdown to the Day. The launch also initiated the Kanchi 100 Recruitment week that called on  Irish businesses to make themselves more inclusive of persons with disabilities as  employees or customers; the Top 10 Actions are designed to get businesses thinking differently about disability. Kanchi will also release a series of case studies on the Kanchi 100 companies and their plans to become more accessible and inclusive for customers and employees with disabilities. (;
3. Mayo County Council’s UPSTART programme will supports projects in celebration of the Day, such as those through an open studio/public access event at Custom House Studios where participants Carrowbeg Enterprises can work in an integrated atmosphere and environment with members of the general public. The Workshops focus on encouraging and supporting participants to develop their own expression and imagery through assistance in use of different techniques. (;

Islamic Republic of Iran
The Secretary of the Baavar Association will conduct an event along with members of the network of organizations of persons with disabilities in Tehran and the Tehran Municipality. The revised Act of Comprehensive Law regarding the Rights of People with Disabilities will be forwarded to the Government on 3 December  (this national law, passed in 2004, is Iran’s most progressive and comprehensive legislation concerning people with disabilities. After 8 years, this act is revised by Secretary of Baavar Association and its operational issues and obstacles are resolved). A press conference will also be conducted with a view to enacting the act by the Iranian Parliament.  (

An NGO, POIESIS, will organize a round table on “Culture and Accessibility” in collaboration with SoundMakers Festival, the first Italian art festival entirely accessibile to everyone. The meeting will launch the first Italian “Guide for accessible events” (,,

Ivory Coast
MODELCI is conducting an awareness-raising campaign with a three-hour Radio Talk Show each day of November 23 and 30, 2012. Ivorian Diaspora, Disabilities Experts, parents, NGO and Religious leaders are participating to share knowledge. On 1 December, the participants will participate in a meeting to draft an action plan to help address the issue of removing social, religious, economic, political, architectural barriers in order to achieve the goal of creating an inclusive and accessible society for All. Posters and banners will be placed on public areas and on Media’s website. MODELCI (Maison d’Œuvres pour le Développement Economique et du Leadership pour la Côte d’Ivoire;

Development Options Limited  a firm located in Kingston, Jamaica will  be hosting an event to mark the Day under the theme “Let’s Talk Inclusion”. Young Persons with DisAbilities (YPWDs)  will get the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns in a conversation with the Minister of Youth & Culture, Hon. Minister Lisa Hanna at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. This conversation will take on a Rap Session Forum. (

The Higher Council for Affairs of Persons with Disabilities conducted an awareness-raising programme with The Children’s Museum, using the Day’s central theme “removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” as the focus. The month-long programme, implemented throughout December is to promote disability issues and to raise awareness of the rights of all children with or without disabilities to play, explore and learn. The Children’s Museum will, therefore, feature exhibits on the various assistive devices and support services afforded to children with disabilities and their families that enable them to realize and practice their rights on an equal basis with other children—including of course access in communication and information. (

Teso North and South Districts of Busia County have formed a joint organizing committee to arrange the commemoration of the Day at an event to be held at Amagoro Youth Polytechnic, Teso North District. Activities for the day will focus on removing barriers in access to opportunities in education and training, entrepreneurship, community participation, access to ICT and raising awareness on the special needs of PWD to the general public and include a procession, exhibitions (Agribusiness, ICT, artworks etc) plays, poetry, songs, sports and motivational speeches among other activities. (

To mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities the students of Saint-Joseph University (USJ) of Beirut, Lebanon and the NGO Include will conduct awareness raising activities, role playing situations and a salsa dance show performed by Mr. Fadi El Halabi (physically disabled) on the USJ campuses on 3 December from 11:00 to 13:00. A debate with students on the importance and necessity of inclusion will also take place. (;  ;;!/groups/include/;twitter: @IncludeLebanon)

In Mokhotlong, a march of solidarity focusing on children with disabilities will take place along with marching bands from around the country will accompany the procession. The march will be followed by a formal ceremony with speeches by key stakeholders in the disability sector including her majesty Queen Seeiso Masenate and the Hon. Minister of Social Development. In addition, the disability movement has coordinated a mass media campaign encouraging parents of children with disability to enroll them in school. The campaign consists of a series of radio, television and SMS promotions. The Lesotho National Federation of Organisations of the Disabled has commissioned a graphic designer to design disability inspired t-shirts for people to wear on IDPD. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to purchasing education related assistive aids and devices for children with disability. (

“Red de Discapacidad” (Disabilities network) an NGO that includes more than 15 NGOs partners, will conduct a march in a popular park in the city, that will conclude with a festival that includes a musical show, sports, under the theme: “Si quieres… puedes” (If you want… you can). (,

Light for the World – Austria and Matthieu Bron will conduct a joint advocacy and awareness-raising campaign in Maputo during “Disability Week” (week before 3 December) and include Government and UN officials, as well as NGOs and DPOs. On 21 November, the documentary “Body and Soul” will be shown as a prelude for a high-level meeting with the Government and other stakeholders  on the recently adopted National Action Plan for Disability (2nd Plan) and successes and challenges of the Government to address disability issues. It will be followed by public screenings and debates on six days in Cinemas and theatres, and potentially universities. On 3 December a similar event will take place in Beira, the second-largest city in Mozambique.  (

Integrated Effort For Development Nepal will organize an event in collaboration with Rotary Club of Dhulikhel where persons with disabilities and a parent group of Dhulikhel and the Dhulikhel Municipality will discuss ways to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities. The event will also include a variety entertainment show at the Shree Purna Sanjiwani Lankhanamai school,Dhulikhel,Kavre. (;

The Netherlands
On 29 November, PSO, the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development, the VU University and LIGHT FOR THE WORLD Netherlands will organise a conference in Amsterdam entitled “Development For All: How mainstream NGOs can include persons with disabilities in their programmes.” (—29-november-2012-in-the-netherlands.pdf?sfvrsn=4)

New Zealand
1. CCS Disability Action, Canterbury & West Coast Branch will host an event on 2 December, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the ReStart Mall, entitled: “Christchurch, Celebrate Us!” to mark the Day. The event will be a celebration of disability culture through performances such as music, dance, poetry and other performing arts, which includes persons with disabilities, as well as able-bodied artists. (
2. CCS Disability Action will further organize a series of events through the following regions: Northern Region: Northland is involved in a community event based in the Whangarei town basin, called ‘Getting Out There and Having a Go’ where persons with disabilities can participate in different recreational and sporting activities. (; Auckland is celebrating this year with a lunch for youth with disabilities. Two young people will speak about their experiences of being young people with disabilities and succeeding in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Fifty youth with disabilities have been invited to celebrate together and Auckland branch look forward to hosting this event. Hononga Rawhiti Region: Palmerston North is celebrating the Day with a community barbeque in a local park. There will be face painting and games, including Boccia demonstrations and the local Rugby representatives will be visiting as well; Napier is having a sausage sizzle in their car park area and people registered with CCS Disability Action are invited to enter a spot prize draw by sending photos, art, writing, etc. Prizes include accessible outings for two, ranging from sailing, swimming, or 10 pin bowling to movies and breakfasts and coffee at local restaurants and cafes; Wairarapa is hosting a lunch at which they will launch a special ribbon to commemorate IDPD. They are having speakers from the disability community to share their thoughts. The green metal ribbon will be shared with other branches and communities in the Hononga Rawhiti region with a view to wearing the ribbon any day of the year as a conversation starter to highlight disability rights and issues. (
3. In Dunedin, CCS Disability Action, Idea Services and Disability Information Service arranged a fun “Amazing Race” on Wed 5th December from 12.30 to 1.30pm. The idea of the Amazing Race was to celebrate the work that has already been done to create an inclusive and accessible society and to highlight any deficiencies. (

Alive and Active Disability Initiative will commemorate the Day at Orlu Local Government Area, Imo State, with key note speakers and by advocacy visits to construction companies contracted to draw their attention to this year’s theme as well as Article 9 of the CRPD, as well as radio talk-shows, commentaries, newspaper articles in the local media, talent shows and Story-telling of (;

1. The DPO, A Star Association, will organize an event at the Jala Baba Auditorium in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Government officials, students, school children and others will participate in the event where speakers will cover issues related to accessibility, political rights of persons with disabilities (Talk Show), implementation of the CRPD and barriers faced by persons with disabilities. (,
2. The Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) and UNESCO have planned a one-day seminar in Nawabshah to raise awareness on disability rights, especially in remote rural areas. The seminar will include a panel discussion and consultation, as well as a social gathering and networking opportunity. (,
3. In Mirpurkhas, Sindh, an event will be held at “Mehran Special Education Center For Visually Handicapped Children” that will include an “awareness walk” on disabilities, sports activites and a musical show. (
4. Special Children’s Educational Institute (SCEI) is hosting an Open House and an initiative called “The CUDDLE Project” with a view to raise awareness and understanding of disability issues. (;;;
5. An event will be held in Jinnah Hall, Special Education Department , Sargodha, that includes an awareness-raising programme to promote a positive attitude towards persons with disabilities, and a society for all. (

Saint Lucia
Activities to commemorate the Day will be spearheaded by the Ministry of Education & Culture’s Special Education Unit and its special schools sports committee as part of a renewed physical activity drive. The event to be held on 20 November, will bring together children from the Island’s six special centers, Soufriere, Vieux Fort, Dennery, Gros Islet and Castries. Activities in the “Festival of Fun Day” include tug-of-war, frisbee, obstacle race, wheelchair race, soccer-rama, fill the bottle, block race, dress down, table tennis, etc. (

Saudi Arabia
The Center for Students with Special Needs (CSSN) at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will celebrate the Day with sport tournaments, workshops, lectures, etc. The celebrations will initiate projects intended raise-awareness, as well as to promote accessibility at the University and expand its ability to accommodate various disabilities. (,

The documentary “Body and Soul” ( will be screened as part of the ONE WORLD festival in Bratislava, Slovakia. It will be followed by a discussion with the characters and director of the film. This event is organised by END EXCLUSION partner in Slovakia, eRko. (

South Africa
1. The National Disability Rights Awareness Month will officially wrap up at the Bergvlam Hoërskool in Nelspruit, Mbombela in Mpumalanga on December 4 during a Siyahlola dialogue between the South African Cabinet, led by President Zuma, provincial and local political leaders, organisations of and for disabled persons and disability rights activists. (;
2. The Department of Communications will Official launch two critical strategies namely:    Youth Development and ICT Strategy, and the Disability Mainstreaming and ICT Strategy, as part of the Department’s inaugural Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Symposium which marks the Commemoration of the International Day of Person’s with Disabilities and African Telecommunications Day as well as the Africa Youth Day. (;;
3. On Monday, 3 December 2012 athletes from Wheelchair Tennis South Africa along with celebrities and members of the Davis & Fed Cup squads will be playing a tennis event. The  event forms part of the Day’s Celebration hosted by the Gauteng Premiers Office where over 2000 persons with a disability will gather to celebrate their Ability. (; Twitter: @WCTennis; Facebook: Wheelchair Tennis SA;
4. The Department of Inclusive Education at the University of South Africa in partnership with QuadPara (Gauteng North) will be commemorating the Day at Unisa, Kgorong Function Hall. The event will include motivational speakers, discussions and demonstrations on QuadPara learning and an exhibition. (;
5. The International Federation of People with Albinism and Blindness (IFPAB) in conjunction with Maurice Freeman Recreation Centre will commemorate the Day on 3 & 4 December at the Maurice Freeman Recreation Centre No 19 Fuller Street in Bertrams, JHB, under the theme: Equipping People with Disabilities in the AIDS Era. The agenda will include discussions under the themes: leadership, HIV / AIDS, MMC, dangers of drug abuse, albinism and disability. (

1. In Barcelona, the Library will conduct several activities to promote a better understanding of persons with disabilities and disability issues, including a story-telling session for children and a screening of the documentary film (Differents: Knowing the past, understand the present and reach the future), as well as a book presentation (The night is also white” Montse Baldrich) (Biblioteca Jordi Rubió i Balaguer,
2. The Educación Física del C.P. Ramón Sainz de Varanda school a disability-awareness project will be conducted for the community. The school also plans to raise funds for a project in Nepal, as well as conduct inclusive adapted sports. (

Sri Lanka
Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Colombo, one of the world’s largest hospitals, will work with HANDICAP International to do an accessibility audit of a 1000-bed hospital with a view to begin implementing the new accessibility policy of the Government of Sri Lanka. The activities of the Day will also include an art competition for children with disabilities and a presentation by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka.

United Kingdom
1. On Saturday, 1 December 2012, inspirational speakers, exhibitors, musicians, sportspeople and performers from all over the UK will participate in an event at the Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford to mark the Day (
2. Wakefield District Radio Society will be operating the Special Event Station GB0IDD (International Disability Day) over the weekend of 1 to 3 December 2012 from the Wakefield 23rd Troop Scout HQ to publicize the Day. Operation will be mainly (but not exclusively) SSB on the Bands 14 – 28MHz; times will be as many as we can cope with – look out for spots on various DX webs. QSL via only. (
3. The Merton Centre for Independent Living will conduct a roadshow around the London Borough of Merton in celebration of the Day. Venues include All Saints Centre, The Wimbledon Piazza, Merton Adult Education, Morden Civic Centre, Baitul Futuh Mosque, and “My Voice Matters” debate at Drake House, 44 St George’s Road, SW19 4ED. (Lyla,;
4. An innovative exhibition touring Yorkshire and the Humber is raising public awareness of speech technology will be launched on the Day. ‘Articulate: The Art and Science of Synthetic Speech’ road-show features collaborative exhibits and installations in public places, demonstrating the latest research into speech-synthesis technology. The free interactive road-show is part of a research and public engagement project by the Creative Speech Technology (CreST) Network. (;
5. On 4 December, the British Institute of International and Comparative Law will be holding an event ‘Exploring the breadth of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ in London. (
6. On 4 December, the British Institute of International and Comparative Law will be holding an event “Exploring the breadth of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” in London. (
7. On Tuesday 4 December, Real DPO Ltd will conduct a free information event on benefits, housing, transport, health services and social care. Plus share food and entertainment to celebrate the Day from 11am – 4pm at Ecology Centre, Mile End Park, 125 Grove Rd, E3 5RP. The event will be accessible, including a BSL interpreter. AgeUK, Alzheimer’s Society, APASENTH, Bromley-by-Bow Centre, DeafPlus, Mencap, Positive East, Tower Hamlets Law Centre and Real are hosting the event. (; ;

United States
With Our Hands Together will hold an event at Goldwater Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility in New York, Roosevelt Island and special music performance by the Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School, Lighthouse International. (;

The Institute Caracas Metropolitan Planning Workshop, National Observatory and Disability Law Committee of the Metropolitan Council will conduct an event “Accessibility for all: Caracas for all” to promote universal accessibility, to commemorate the Day. The event will include the Mayor of Caracas, experts and other Government officials. (