We need students.

42e UN - International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

We need students.

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Interview for 33rd UN International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

We are looking for NYU students in New York, US and EUR students in Rotterdam, the Netherlands to do a transatlantic interview with 1.000 at both sides of the oceans for the “World Disabled Day” debates at december 3rd in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Since 1985 the Secretariat for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (United Nations Enable) organise each year the UN International Day Of Persons With Disabilities to raise awarness for the rights of disabled throughout the world. Stichting Gdag organise since 2008 the Dutch edition of the UN International Day Of Persons With Disabilities called Wereld Gehandicapten Dag (=World Disabled Day).

World Disabled Day
At the Wereld Gehandicapten Dag in the Netherlands people debate each year about the annual theme. This year the UN Enable theme is : Sustainable Development: The Promise of Technology.

To make a debate about those annual themes possible we are used to split the main theme in four sub topics and for each topic we interview people in order to get wordclouds. This year we need four wordclouds for the following four topics (in dutch):
– Living and working with technology (Leven en werken met technologie)
– Crutches or prosthesis (Krukken of prothese)
– Self-reliance (Zelfredzaamheid)
– Disabled care after 2015 (Gehandicaptenzorg na 2015)

Wordcloud is a map that places related words close together; words with a weaker association are mapped further apart. The visual presentation of the words makes the conceptual relationships clear in a glance and helps us:
– to invite the right persons for the debate,
– to moderator the debate and
– to inspire and help people in the debat to find new ideas, approaches and solutions.
At http://wereldgehandicaptendag.nl/debat/#woordenwolken you find some examples.

What do we need
We need students who want to ask 1.000 people at both sides of the atlantic ocean to their word associations on the four topics mentioned above. With the data we can make four wordclouds of words strongly related but without the similar meaning.


Use AIDA and write me in four paragraphs why we should hire you and write in one paragraph why you want to be volunteer for UN Enable or Stichting Gdag.


Stichting Gdag
Erik van Loon
+1 865 238 5666 (US) / +316 3826 5666 (EU)